Hair Restore

For hair loss in women.  Hair Restore is an effective herbal formula that is based on years of extensive research. It can be used for thinning hair, balding or alopecia with a 91% success rate. For optimal results, take for at least three months because it takes that long for the cells in the hair follicles to regenerate.

Hair Restore is based on the Chinese formula Huoxue Shengfa that resolves blood stasis in order to treat hair loss and alopecia. Resolving blood stasis helps to promote qi and blood circulation, thereby supplying vital nutrients to the hair. In Hair Restore, Dang Gui has been shown to regulate blood platelet aggregation and benefit the circulation in the blood vessels while Dan Shen helps to promote blood circulation and repair tissues.  The other herbs in the formula also build or move the blood to restore hair loss or address an underlying deficiency.

Ingredients: Dang gui, Dan shen, Yu jin, He shou wu, Ling xiao hua, Bai shao, Tian ma, Wu shao she, Gan cao, Shu di huang, Bai zhu, Bu gu zhi, Tu si zi, Shen di huang

2 grams of granules in warm water twice a day for three months.

Note: This formula is for hair loss due to blood or hormonal deficiency. It is less effective for male pattern baldness.

Refer to this blog on alopecia for more information:

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